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The company Stavros Kazakidis SA has been in the fourth decade since its inception, and with the tendency to continuously improve its services and products, it has managed to hold a remarkable place in consumer preference in the areas of Lighting and Furniture.

In its privately-owned facilities, 5.500 square meters, you will find the largest variety of pendants, chandeliers, plafons, spotlights and outdoor lighting, as well as new furniture collections characterized by high aesthetics, quality and flexibility due to the possibility of special constructions.

The company also successfully completed 2 new synergies, which are considered as leaders in each sector. So now in the Stavros Kazakidis S.A. you can find LINEA STROM with sleeping mattresses, bedding and sleeping accessories and INART with decoration items.


The company was founded by Stavros Kazakidis in 1975 and was the result of the merger of the individual company "Stavros Kazakidis" and Stavros Kazakidis and Co. Ltd. with the production and distribution of wholesale and retail plastic products (tablecloths, plastic wardrobes, aprons etc. ).

At the same time it changes the purpose of the company and introduces glassware-gifts, lighting, with a private store located in Antigonidon Street 11, bought in 1972.

The continuous development of the company requires larger premises and therefore it is buying a plot of 6.000 sq.m., in Leoforos Georgikis Scholis 17, at 1980, building the new facilities and completing the transfer of the headquarters of Stavros Kazakidis SA. in the new space. At the same time a furniture section for retail sale is being created.

In order to serve the increased needs of its customers, the company continuously imports new goods from Czechoslovakia, Italy, Poland, China, which it offers for sale from its retail outlets as well as to the growing wholesale network of wholesale customers throughout Greece.

Continuing the upward trend of the company, Stavros Kazakidis invests in it, buying in 1995 a neighboring plot of 5.500 sq. in Leoforos Georgikis Scholis 19.

The company is developing and, at the same time, it is widely discussed that our city is developing (Thessaloniki), which will become a big city with 5.000.000 inhabitants and at the same time a commercial center of the Balkans with a competitive role, presenting a plan for the development of the airport and the exploitation of its port. Based on this development plan, it is decided in 2003 to construct a 9.000-square-meter building complex. for the company to be ready to meet the lighting and furniture needs of the Thessaloniki public and neighboring cities as well as the Balkan countries.

At the same time, the children of Stavros Kazakidis, Paschalis and Chrysanthi are incorporated with love and mood for the continuation of the project.

The implementation of the project was initially carried out with capital of the company and a loan from the banks of Ethniki, Piraeus and Eurobank for the completion of the project.

The completion of the project is in 2009 and the total space of the premises is now 9,000 square meters, on one of the most commercial streets in Thessaloniki. The inauguration of Stavros Kazakidis SA's new multi-storey building took place in October 2009.

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